Yellow Alert Campaign

This year we have been involved in getting the message to medical professionals promoting the diagnosis and referral of liver disease in infants.

CLDF have brought out an app that helps medical professionals to recognise the signs. There is a stool chart which shows normal versus abnormal stool colour.


Below is the press release that we have developed. Should you know anyone in the medical profession or in the organisations that support them please send them this information.


Press release

Children Liver Disease Ireland is an organization that supports families of children with liver disease. They are involved in a campaign to promote the early diagnosis of liver disease in infants.


The Yellow Alert app, which has been endorsed by Public Health England and the Institute of Health Visiting in the UK is the newest initiative in Children’s Liver Disease Foundation’s Yellow Alert campaign.


The free app contains information designed to make it quick and simple to spot the early signs of liver disease in newborn babies.


It includes:

•   Information regarding the signs of liver disease in newborns

•   Tests and referrals for liver disease

•   A stool chart allowing users to compare a newborn’s stool to a variety of healthy and suspect colours.

The app is available for Apple and Android phones and can be found through the attached link.