Travel Insurance

Some members have had issues with travel insurance. Here is some broad guidance as a starting point. If you are looking for travel insurance you need to ensure that the insurance covers your circumstances. When buying it give a clear statement of what you want and what your situation is.


Below is some information that members have come across. It is not comprehensive but gives you a starting point.

  1. The E112 form gives you public treatment in a public hospital in any European Country.

  2. If you currently have private medical insurance-VHI, BUPA etc you will be able to get travel insurance for preexisting conditions.

  3. If you do not have private medical insurance then there are some things to consider.

a. AIB have travel insurance for preexisting conditions. They do not cover any condition that is under investigation. They can consider regular blood test to be under investigation. However assuming the child is well and the blood tests he normally gets are routine, if you get a letter dated 5 days before you go from your doctor saying that all is well and that the blood tests are routine then if anything arose which was related to the liver condition would be covered.

The doctor who fills in the form for the treatment abroad would also have to say that your son was not under investigation in Ireland and that all tests conducted previously are routine. If they do not the claim would be thrown out.

Phone them to discuss. They are very helpful.

b. give you the option to cover pre-existing conditions.  Type in the condition liver transplant and it comes up, just answer a few questions eg. date of transplant, has there been any rejection etc.  The price for a family of 2adults and 2 kids is €110. You will need to read the small print to ensure that everything is covered.

Finally this really is only a start point. Be very careful with the small print on the policy.