King’s College

Here is a walk through of Kings College Hospital.


Kings College Hospital is in Camberwell in London. The main entrance is on Denmark Hill. The entrance is through the old building-The Cheyne Wing.

There is a very well-stocked M&S supermarket on the ground floor and a 24/7 Costa coffee shop. There is also a cafe with tables and chairs where you can get baguettes etc. 

On the first floor there is a multicultural chapel.

On the second floor is the adult liver unit. It is also where the operating theatres are.

The third floor is the childrens floor.

Coming out of the lift  to the right is Phillip Isaacs ward. This ward is the outpatients ward. The outpatient liver assessments usually take place here. It has some toys, books, tvs, playstations. It can be very busy and full.

Out of the lift to the left there are a number of other wards of interest. The ICU is on the left. There is another ward. On the far side there is a lift which is more effecient as it does not stop at every floor.

At the end of the corridor is the Rays of Sunshine ward. This is the paediatric liver ward.

Rays of sunshine is a charity a bit like Make a Wish Foundation. They contributed to the refurbishment of the ward in 2009. It is a very modern ward.  Previously it was called the Mountbatten ward. The older staff were very attached to the name.

The hospital treats 3000 liver children per year. They do approximately 60 liver transplants on children per year. It is the biggest center of it’s kind in the world.

Rays of Sunshine is a 19 bed ward. It has 2 isolation cubicals, a 5 bed nursery ward, 6 individual cubicles with ensuites and a ward with 7 nurding bays.  Each child’s bed has a parent’s bed beside it. Each bed has a playstation 3. There is a washing machine and dryer as well as a parents room and a parents shower room.

There is a well stocked play room with a play therepist attached. There are teachers attached to the hospital who come to the children in the beds.