Psychological Services

Psychological Department

LIz Nolan is the senior clinical psychologist in Crumlin Hospital attached to the GI and Liver unit. She does clinical assessments of the children and some counselling of children and families.

Her priority is the psychological wellbeing of the patients but if you need some other help it is worth speaking to her. Generally her services are accessed by speaking to the consultant or the clinical nurse.

Research has shown that some children’s cognitive and memory function has been affected by liver disease. Teachers should be told that this is a possibility. Ask them to report to you if there is a change in children’s learning, memory,  behavior, social interaction or emotional functioning. Should you or the teacher notice any changes report it to the team. They will assess the issue.

Should it be required they will forward you to Liz Nolan for a comprehensive clinical assessment called a liver assessment.

Content of a Liver Assessment

A meeting with Liz would be arranged. Following is a list of the tests that would be conducted.

1. Interview with parents

2. Interview with child

3. Child Behavior Check List (CBCL) filled in by parents

4. Child Behavior Check List Youth teacher report form filled in by teacher

5. Beck Youth Inventory - from age 9. Not always conducted

6. Wechsler Intelligence Scale Fourth Edition (WISC IV) tests global cognitive function

7. Other tests may be conducted depending on the results of the WISC IV. eg Children’s memory scale

8. Scoring and Write up-A comprehensive report will be issued to parents. There is a meeting to discuss it.


Parents have also found counselling to be very useful. As adults should you feel that you need counselling  contact us as some members of the group have experienced counselling and may be able to recommend someone in your area.

Should you have information on counselling in your area that you can recommend please contact us. Information remains confidential.