Treatment Abroad Scheme -TAS

When the medical teams recommend treatment in London the cost of the medical treatment is covered by the Treatment Abroad Scheme.

You may be asked to fill in the E112 form. They threaten that if it is not done before you travel that the treatment may not be covered and that you may have to pay. Technically this is true. In practice it does not happen and the administration gets sorted without any inconvenience to the family.

Within the HSE’s policy for overseas treatment for children they cover the cost of reasonable airfares for the patient and for one  escort.

Here is the link which gives the information from the HSE.

Families who have been to London have found it unreasonable to expect that a child going for treatment would not be accompanied by both parents. Therefore we believe that the flights of 2 parents should be covered.

When families get to London the costs of travel to the hospital and maintainence while there are not covered.

These are issues which we have been fighting to change since our inception.

Families have had issues with reimbursement of expenses. They should be reimbursed in 4-6 weeks. We have agreed with the TAS the following route if you have issues or if you are not reimbursed within 4-6 weeks.

  1. Calls should go to Conal McLoughlan who does all claims at 056 7784548. He should be able to deal with all queries.

  2. If families are unhappy with the response contact the manager of TAS Catherine Donohoe at

If your issue still has not been resolved contact us on and we will escalate the issue to the Department of Health.

 Should you have any information or opinions on these issues please contact us.