Tara Wins Gold At The British Transplant Games

Tara Madigan attended and triumphed for team Ireland at the British Transplant Games in Liverpool. Here is a note from her Dad Sean about the experience.

All children and adults who have had transplants are eligible for the games no matter their ability.

Liverpool was great. Colin from IKA looked after us really well (Team Manager) Harry the Team captain was a constant source of encouragement and fun and stories when not competing himself.
> I suppose the delight for Tara was 1. Being able to compete thanks to her Donor. 2. See others really doing well and I suppose looking normal for all intents and purposes.
> Tara is doing well and we’re thankful always. And when we see her and others going and winning medals it’s great.
> BUT, if I was to tell you about the  standout memory, other than our Tara winning, it would be the unbelievable support the the competitors got at the back end of races and competitions. Last place got as much if not more support and encouragement than those at the other end of the field.
> I would encourage anyone to get involved. There are loads of options sports and games wise. There’s a 3km walk and a 3km run. They cater for us, transplantees. And not everybody is as well as the next.
> Anyway, picture attached of our Double gold medal winner.
> Regards for now




Double Gold!